Just For U By Me, Your Customised Gift Boutique/Shop, Chennai

Just For U By Me, Your Customised Gift Boutique/Shop
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We make personalised and customised gifts for any occassion. We also design gifts according to your need and budget.


Some of the ideas for Customised Gifts:

Magic Plant : Plant which spells ur msg!
Customised Coupon Booklet
Customised Placemats
Customised Coasters
Customised Games : Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Monopoly, Uno, Playing Cards
Customised Crossword, Word Finder, Cryptogram
Customised Maze
Customised Redemption Card
Customised Chocolate wrappers
Customised Balloons
Customised Bedsheets / Pillocovers
Customised Keychains
Customised Clocks
Customised Magazine / Newspaper / Books
Customised Notepads
Customised Laptop Skins
Customised WaterBottles
Customised Bean Bags
Customised Bollywood Poster
Customised Caricature
Customised Fridge Magnets
Customised Message in a Jar
Customised Message Frames
Customised Posters
Customised Labels (School, Kitchen, Jams, Bottles, etc)
Customised Champagne / Wine Bottles
Customised Glasses ( Wine / Shot)
Customised Writing Boards ( Exam boards)
Customised Towels / Napkins
Customised Bollywood Poster
Customised Cigarette Case
Customised Piggy Banks (Money Banks)
Customised Mugs / Tshirts
Customised Door Plates
Customised Activity Books for Kids
Customised Bookmarks
Customised Certificates

Invitation Cards : B'Day, Bachelors, Wedding, etc

Couple Gifts / Naughty Gifts : email to request catalog

Party Supplies / Return Gifts

Glow in the Dark Products

Fun gifts and Merchandise : See our Photo Albums

Props for your events (Thermacol)


Edible Bouquets (Fruit Bouquet)


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ID: 105356843  Just For U By Me, Your Customised Gift Boutique/Shop, Chennai
ID: 105356843
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Pandora, Ampa Skywalk Mall, 2nd Floor, Chennai 600049, India
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